Yes, a resounding yes! There have been many different surveys and statistics reported to show without a doubt that a home that has been staged sells faster than similar properties on the market.

Although there are many different option and levels of staging a property – there is no doubt at all that some extra effort and some extra expertise can set the staged property in a much better position to sell in the best time frame and at as high a price as the market will allow.

With an initial effort to show it in it’s best light right at the beginning of the listing – the time it is up for sale may be reduced allowing the sellers to move on to their next home.

  1. Start by de-cluttering
  2. Moving or re-locating some of the furniture and accessories
  3. Re-thinking problem areas of the house
  4. Touch up painting or refreshing areas of the house that are showing wear
  5. More major work can involve complete painting of rooms, replacing some flooring or more substantial task such as replacement of counter tops, sinks, toilets etc.

1. There is no need to put every personal item away. Many sellers prefer not to have their family and personal photos on display, however for those sellers who have “gallery” walls – this may require more effort than is required.  Look around each room and try to pack away as many small items as possible that are not an absolute necessity for daily living.  This could include ornaments, books, plants, magazine racks, candles etc.

Once they have been moved out – leave the room for a day and then look again and decide which, if any need to be returned.  You may find that instead of looking “bare” – the room looks more relaxing.  Clutter can create stress and tension.

2. Can any of your furniture be moved? Perhaps to open up the space in the living room a chair can be relocated to another room that needs it.  Bookshelves once cleared of clutter may not be needed?

3. Do you have furniture that blocks entries? Are there too many bits and pieces in the hallways?  Try to make the rooms work as they were designed – even though they may have worked for the seller personally – they need to appeal to everyone.

4. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! Even a touch up can eliminate the impression that the house is “worn”.

5. Take stock of what may be perceived as an issue for a buyer: if there is some item that can be replaced without too much cost then consider if this is a worthwhile expenditure to get the house sold.

Unfinished DIY projects, uncompleted renovations and general lack of finishing details will cost the seller in the end.  Buyers are looking to move in with as little work to be done as they can manage unless the property is being sold as the “fixer upper” home – which you do not want your property to be!